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  The Mahoney Group Values, Principles and Standards
  • "Our employees are our most important asset". We must communicate and provide a positive environment conducive to the success and quality of life of our employees. We strive for excellence in job performance and will compensate our employees accordingly.
  • "The success of our company depends upon Performance". There are no idle owners, nor employees. Owners and employees are expected to be outstanding in their field.
  • "We have a social responsibility to our employees and their families". We are motivated to provide financial security for them.
  • "We derive our success from the communities in which we live and feel an obligation to return benefits to them". We encourage all employees to get involved in their community.
  • "It is the responsibility of management to serve our employees through positive encouragement and fair-mindedness and a desire to build up others".
  • "We value employee diversity and Independence and welcome their ideas".
  • We set and achieve high standards of integrity, professionalism and competency in all that we do".
  • "Business Decisions are made on a long term basis considering the interests of our employees, our clients, our companies, our stockholders as well as the communities we serve".
  • "One of the primary responsibilities of the stockholders is to preserve and perpetuate the Mission and Value statements of The Mahoney Group".

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