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Managing risk in the information age.
Thatís how our Technology Department can help you.

   As an Assurex Global partner, we are uniquely positioned throughout the United States and in twenty foreign countries. Our group is experienced in helping large and small companies engaging in information technology, e-commerce and manufacturing.
   We work closely with our clients to analyze and understand their business so we can advise on how to best treat these risks. Alternatives to insurance are always considered to save cost, particularly where insurance is not available or appropriate as a risk transfer mechanism. When insurance is the right solution, we represent the finest insurance companies with products to cover exposures to loss presented by Internet commerce and information technology.

Just some of the loss exposures our clients face include:
  • Loss of business income from damage to intellectual property and programs from viruses or hacking.
  • Lawsuits or judgments alleging errors in programming and design, or negligence in providing Internet services causing customers to lose revenue.
  • Lawsuits or judgments alleging infringement of copyright, trademark trade dress and patent.
  • Lawsuits or judgments alleging defamation, libel, slander and invasion of privacy.
  • Recruitment and retention of qualified IT professionals.

   Whether you design software, provide content, are an ISP or other infrastructure provider, or simply advertise and sell a product via the Internet, you face risks that are only beginning to be understood. New legal theories and decisions have given rise to non-contractual, non-statutory claims for injuries and damages that arise from risks that exist because of new technology. Traditional tort claims are more complex in the information age. For example, the use of e-mail may lead to more claims of defamation, sexual harassment and invasion of privacy. Only a thorough understanding of your business by our technology professionals can help make sure your risk management program is up to date.

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